Scenic World

Scenic World Blue Mountains, nestled within the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains of New South Wales, promises unparalleled adventures and vistas found nowhere else on Earth. Established in 1945, this family-owned gem offers breathtaking views of the Three Sisters and sprawling canyons, setting the stage for record-worthy experiences. Whether you’re descending 310 meters on the world’s steepest passenger train, the Scenic Railway, exploring lush rainforest trails, or gliding 270 meters above the valley floor on the Scenic Skyway, every moment is a thrill. For the boldest of hearts, the Beyond Skyway experience invites you to clip into a harness, venture onto the Skyway’s roof, and toast your bravery with champagne against a stunning sunset backdrop. Scenic World is where daring adventures and unforgettable memories collide.

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